To have the capacity to open your heart to such love that allows you to feel wholeness and you no longer need to resist all that is happening in your life. The kind of love that allows you to live in perfect balance and happiness even when there’s chaos all around you. To feel a deep love that liberates all burdens from your past and expands to new horizons. The kind of  love that improves all your relationships and creates harmony wherever you go. 

Imagine  yourself accepting unconditionally every part of your being, reclaiming all parts of your soul that once broke to bring back into the totality of who you are to feel complete and unified. 

Imagine liberating family lineages issues that repeat generation after generation to be able to start anew with a blank slate and create a new life full of light and color. 

Imagine to love your body to such a deep level that you are experiencing instant healings and amazing remissions.

Imagine open your heart to the highest frequencies of love to expand your consciousness beyond what you experienced before, traveling to other dimensions of light , connecting to the Infinite Source of Creation, feeling you are coming back Home to your true origins.

Imagine that through the frequencies of love you are able to experience compassion for all your past experiences. Your heart expanding in such a way that all your cells start to experience bliss and nothing from the outside world can compare.  

Imagine opening your capacity to receive abundance, to feel worthy of the best gifts life can offer you and accepting them with gratitude. 

Imagine transforming your energetic centers to a new blueprint that allows you to expand to a new hologram where the Divine Spark ignites , the original spark of Creation within you that opens up the remembrance of your Divinity.

Procrastinating all those experiences is delaying your happiness, your capacity to live in harmony and plenitude.  

You have the ability to reach that state and is choosing to change your life while receiving the highest frequencies of Love coming from the Source Code of Creation and experience a life much better than you ever experienced before.


The love that you are looking for in others, in their acknowledgement and acceptance doesn’t fill your void. 


Love has the power to accept all aspects of yourself unconditionally,  all parts of you that didn’t feel worthy of  love, you discover the beauty of your soul and you merge with happiness and bliss to be accepted without condition. You no longer need anyone to feel joy, you don’t need to demonstrate your value to feel loved, and this true love brings you the experience of  absolute bliss.     



Connect to your inner strength and confidence. Go through different levels and layers of judgements to  love yourself unconditionally, restore confidence and inner strength. Grow your personal authority. 

Transcend duality  Love unites the opposites, the duality and then experience Unity  with the Whole. You are able to see love in everything, to see the gift in each experience, to see the beauty in all that surrounds you. 

Radiate light and raise the vibration of your environment: So other people feel better with just your Presence, you have the capacity to change the vibration where you are when you radiate  your light.  Love is the highest frequency, higher vibrations overcome slower vibrations .

Activate the krystic template and the divine spark.  Start your transition to your  Divine Design. Change the blueprint that gives information to your DNA, your cells, your bioenergetic field to reconnect to the infinite flow of eternal life. 

Activate the divine spark to remember your true origin to then change the information encoded in your DNA activating the 8 immortal cells in your body. 




Balance your emotions, love balances all ups and downs from your emotions bringing you back to inner and stable  balance and harmony .

Experience a big liberation,  you release all pain, traumas, attachments, emotions and experience a big liberation of not  being attached to your conditioning, you are free to choose to live your  life the way that you desire. 

Experience wholeness  When opening your heart, you accept each part of you that comes back to the totality of your Being feeling wholeness, experiencing bliss and gratitude. You  already have everything that you were looking for.  You accept life without resistance. 

Enjoy every moment  Enjoy every small detail  and the big moments surrendering to each experience with your Presence.  You stop running away to live each precious second as unique.

You are in a state of full  Presence You see the best in others and their potential. You are able to empathize with the experiences of others without being carried away by their emotions.

Experience inner bliss Love  expands your heart to the point in which you experience bliss beyond human experiences, this bliss comes from within you. All your cells vibrate in love, you are connected to an expanded state of the Self and once you experience this, you don’t want less than that.



If you want to change your life permanently, the only way to do it raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness.

The other methods are temporary , that’s why there are some aspects in your life that keeps repeating , because you didn’t change the cause of the problem. 


By working with your DNA, your akashic records, and your bioenergetic field  where all your existence is encoded , as well as your traumas,  your belief system and  your experiences. Change the way you perceive the world and the way you  face every circumstance in your life to change your inherited patterns that unconsciously  control your life. This requires deep excavation to go to the primordial cause to get definitive results.


  • Flow with life without resistance  this saves you a huge amount of energy from worrying and trying to control everything.  
  • Follow your intuition and inner guidance  connected to your Divinity. You accept yourself unconditionally, increasing confidence and self esteem  
  • You no longer need external approval.  The empty void is filled with your own Presence and a deep sense of fulfillment expands, you don’t need others anymore to fully embrace who you are.  
  • There’s a deep healing of your family lineages  All aspects from your genetics related to your family lineages weather belief systems, habits and traumas from generation to generation, are been liberated.  
  • Improve your relationships  Your heart is open, you are happier, more flexible, more confident, you relax into the unknown and flow with life,  you let go expectations. Old resentments have been liberated that kept you stuck in the past. Now you are open to new fresh relationships or upgrading the actual ones.    
  • Communicate from your heart and speak your truth  with love. You’ve broken the walls that you  used to create to protect from harm, emotions are balanced, and you communicate more balanced sharing your Truth  from a place of detachment. 
  • Balance masculine energy and feminine energy  merging as one in sacred union. Uniting polarities to experience wholeness. 
  • Feel joy and bliss. You infuse love in all that you do and all that you create.  
  • Attract abundance easily You open to receive, you are worthy of abundance and wealth. You are a magnetic vortex to attract everything  effortlessly.  
  • Raise your frequency and the frequency all around you  . You are creating harmony everywhere you go with your vibration


This is a 6 month course with weekly sessions.

  • It includes  20 live sessions with extra content.  
  • Teachings to evolve to the next level of consciousness  You are supported all along the course in your growth  
  • Energetic transmissions from quantum technologies of light  that will transform slower vibrations and densities holistically in all levels of your energetic bodies, in the different dimensions, in all your lifetimes, harmonizing your bio energetic field expanding your consciousness, liberating form what keeps you attached to the past.  
  • Multidimensional effect. These transmissions go deeper in the different dimensions where your Higher Self  resides, the more you deepen these transmissions, you access deeper levels of consciousness to become more whole.   
  • Access instant healing and liberation By working through the quantum space beyond space and time, we transcend lineal time to access instantaneous healings and liberations that were not solved in the past . Accessing cosmic love  to harmonize, balance, and restore inner peace with who you are and all that surrounds you. Your capacity to love expands drastically. 

  • Receive energetic support 24/7 for the entire course  An energetic container is created in which you are held all along these months to enhance the results and integrate all that has been expanded .   
  • Exponential effect with the group container  Being part of a group creates an energetic vortex more powerful than the individual self. This allows you to accelerate your opening to love.   

  • All content available online  the more you deepen to these teachings and transmissions, the more you open yourself to love , expand your consciousness and experience higher levels of bliss.