A sacred journey through the Heart of Egypt  to ignite the Divinity Within 


Sacred journey   to receive the codes to activate the Avatar Consciousness of the New Divine Human design, preparing the  hologram and physical  body shift into a more crystalline structure to be able to embody the Krystic frequencies of the Sacred Trinity of Divine Love, Ascended Power and Infinite Wisdom.  

Each  person will be receiving deep initiations along all  temples to become a beacon of light for others and be a carrier of the Kryst consciousness to spread out to  humanity. 

With these initiations will come back the Kryst consciousness the Divine Child ( Horus) represented by the Golden Ray of Infinite  Wisdom on the planet. This will allow the return of the Krystic energy to the planet to open the door of the Golden Age.

The initiation at the King’s Chamber will ignite every temple along the Nile as well as each chakra of the body. From thiis ignition, the light will start to move along the ley lines of the Earth, the meridian system of the Earth, to activate all Sacred Sites of the Earth. Creating a crystalline hologram that will upgrade the whole Earth to the New Paradigm. 

And this is exactly what will happen in your body, the activations in the spinal column will ignite every chakra and also will activate all meridians of your body. You’ll also  synchronize your  frequencies  with the Ascended Earth to live in the timeline of  this New Paradigm of the Golden Age. 

You will become the receiver of these initiations through all the sacred sites and temples along the Nile of Egypt, and in addition, you will become a transmitter for the benefit of humanity.

Now it is necessary to anchor the full codex of the Kryst consciousness on Earth to establish the Golden Age.


You have an incredible  chance to join us  through one of the world’s greatest initiation pathways, the sacred temples along the Nile River and the powerful experience of being in the  King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid  in Egypt.

Egypt holds so much ancient wisdom, and it has many energetic portals to receive frequencies and codes from more advanced civilizations to bring forth the Golden Age on Earth again. There’s so much to remember and activate  from those civilizations  within our bioenergetic fields of consciousness. The temples still hold enormous amounts of spiritual power and potency. 



We will go through the different temples to activate the frequencies of the Cosmic Mother. Each temple contains many of these frequencies and its own initiation to bring forth the new codex that will be activated within each one of us through the different sacred sites and then will be  transmitted to the collective. You will become a channel for this Kristic energy to anchor into the planet.

The highest potential you can experience is to remember the Kryst nature within and manifest the Divinity in every aspect of your own life.  This is your  highest potential and greatest reward. 

This journey will change your life. It will have multiple positive constant effects on your health, vibration, on your spiritual power, on your expanded  consciousness, on your magnetism to attract synchronicities to your life, and much more. 


Coach, Holistic Facilitator, Quantum Healer, Cosmic Channel, Sacred Architect, Carrier of the Kryst Code

I support you through  the different levels of your soul’s initiations in the ascension process journey to merge with your Divine Presence .

As a Cosmic channel, I transmit high frequencies and codes from the Higher realms to  support you to complete all the different levels and layers of density stored in your Akashic Records and bioenergetic field from all the different ages and lifetimes. I also activate the dormant DNA to ignite the remembrance of your Divine Self, where your  highest gifts and your wisdom resides waiting to be unlocked.













 December 20th –  January 2nd

14 Days / 13 Nights


  • Accommodation:
    • 05 Nights in Cairo at Four Seasons Giza hotel or Similar on B.B Basis.
    • 01 Night in Suhag at Abydos house of Life Hotel on an HB basis.
    • 07 Nights at Deluxe Private Dahabiya on FB Basis.
  • Greeting and Assistance at airports in all cities in Egypt.
  • All touring and transfers in air-conditioned motor coaches with trusted drivers.
  • Transfers from and to the airport/hotels in all cities.
  • Entrance fees to all visits mentioned in the above itinerary.
  • Domestic flights within Egypt Cairo / Luxor / Aswan/ Cairo.
  • Daily buffet breakfast at the hotel.
  • Daily dinner or lunch where noted.
  • Licensed English-speaking Spiritual guides/Egyptologists throughout the trip.
  • Our Egyptian tour escorts.
  • Private security throughout the trip.
  • All hotel taxes, service charges, and government sales tax.
  • Luggage handling at all airports.
  • Tips for Guards at sites/hotel staff / included meals.
  • Day Tour to Abu Simbel Temple
  • Gala Dinner New Year’s Evening Dinner at Four Seasons Giza Hotel)
  • Private visit and initiation to King’s chamber inside the Great Pyramid.
  • Private visit and initiation to the Sphinx, between the paws of the Sphinx.
  • Private visit and initiation  to Philae temple/ Isis Temple
  • All sacred initiations, ceremonies & meditations at sacred sites and Temples


  • Visa upon arrival to Cairo airport.
  • International flight to Cairo
  • Tipping to drivers, Dahabiya staff, Luggage handling…etc.
  • Tipping to Tour Guide and Tour Manager.
  • 3 meals.
  • All beberages.
  • Departure tax if any.
  • Any personal items such as drinks, laundry, telephone calls…
  • Travel & health insurance and other items of a personal nature.