Free meditation

In this guided meditation and transmission you’ll be receiving a deep clearing of the lower and denser  vibrations and you will feel a deep  sense of  relief. 

You’ll upgrade your frequency into higher levels of consciousness and you’ll be guided to bridge into  a new timeline where the highest version of you is  living in the New Paradigm, the Golden Age reality. 

You’ll be able to connect to your Higher Self and ask some questions, see how you live, and receive some clarity about your next steps ahead.


Free masterclass

The Aquarian Age started on the Solstice of December 21st 2021,  with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Which means we entered to a new eon of time. The Golden Age.

This new Golden Age carries the frequencies to transition humanity to a higher  evolution in consciousness, moving from 3D to  a multidimensional state of consciousness. 

This evolution in consciousness creates a quantum leap for humanity to evolve from the Homo Sapiens to the Homo Luminous or the Divine Human, the ascended and sovereign Being. This means we are transitioning to a new blueprint that allows us to embody this Divine design: The krystic spiral. 

What is the Kryst consciousness? What is our next evolution? How can we make this shift and evolve to a multidimensional state of consciousness? 

The deepest desire of the soul is to come back to its completion, to come back to its original design where  love, bliss, joy,  and abundance  is a given. This means to free yourself from all conditioning ,  and the ultimate state, what remains it’s your purest and highest expression of yourself.

We will cover:

  • The original blueprint template for the self liberated and ascended bing: The Divine Human
  • The sacred geometry of the Krystic spiral
  • The kryst consciousness
  • Ascending to a multidimensional state of Unity Consciousness.


Free masterclass

You may feel some triggers and challenges from the past you thought you already overcame  and now they are showing up again, maybe with other people, maybe in different situations yet the core is the same. 

Until the lesson is understood and integrated, the challenge keeps showing up in different ways to really open your mind   into a deeper comprehension of the cause and its resolution.   

When you really understand it, you are able to transcend it, liberate it completely,  and it won’t trigger you anymore. 

In order to evolve into higher states of consciousness, you need to master different stages so that you can move out of some conditionings, limitations and issues. 

The more you have an awareness of what behaviors , thoughts, actions and beliefs you have that create more resistance and therefore more suffering the more tools you have to be able to shift them into new behaviors, thoughts, actions and beliefs that allow you to create a more harmonious life .

When you have a deep foundation, you then are able to transcend and  release those patterns that will change the rest of your entire life to experience deeper states of  peace, joy, happiness, love, abundance and more. 

What do you need  to master in order to grow and expand towards more advanced stages of evolution?

In this masterclass we will explain the different stages that every being experiences during their process of self discovery and spiritual evolution.

And what do you need to have in place in order to evolve into higher states of consciousness to have a solid foundation to access deeper levels of awareness. 

We will dive into what you experience in each stage, what do you need to master, what  do you need to integrate in order to evolve and stabilize all blocks that are emerging in your life, all emotional triggers and all resistance that prevent you from living a greater life.