You know there is a person who fits exactly with who you are, you don’t need to change or be different, there’s full acceptance and harmony between  the both of you. 

You want a new model relationship to live in balance and harmony, where both contribute and create something greater than each  individual.

You want to attract a conscious person, with a level of maturity that  knows what he or she wants. You don’t need the other person but you choose to share your life with that person and share your love and  joy.

You want to grow in this relationship, you want to go deeper, you want to support and be supported.


You’ve experienced  a breakup during your spiritual growth and you want a relationship on a more conscious level. You want to tune in to see the soul of that person, and grow together. 

You want to improve communication through active listening, and speaking from your truth. 

After all your inner work, you feel now is the moment to find that person to share your life and a new journey together. 

You’ve found your soul mate yet  conflicts have arisen and you want to find solutions and answers to make this relationship work.

You have gone through an  inner  evolution discovering  your potential and now you are ready to move on  and discover unity  through a  relationship. 


You could walk next to your soulmate and not recognize each other  it because vibrationally you are not on the same level. What is the reason that you are not in the same vibration to find each other?


Find out what’s blocking you from attracting your soul mate.

Discover how to attract your soul mate, he/she is already  in your life. How to tune in to find him/her, what inner work brings you closer to the person waiting for you.

Discover the different relationships and soul mates, what  mission do they have in each relationship.

How to live a conscious relationship, how to sustain the incredible energy that is created  in these relationships.

How to take care of this relationship to allow the two members to grow and evolve. What makes you successful in all  relationships. How can you change the course of any relationship when you change your approach and have a new understanding.

How to delve into unconditional love, transcend the emotions and beliefs that prevent you from experiencing this state of Being. Unconditional love is who you are when there are no blockages left.

How to use this relationship to become a beacon of light for others.


  • This is a 2 months course with 4 live sessions each month. 
  • This includes a total of 8 live. 
  • Sessions include: 
    • Coaching
    • Teachings and knowledge 
    • Energetic transmissions to unlock what is out of alignment, energetic transmissions to harmonize your bioenergetic field, raise your vibrations, and find balance 
    • Tools for daily practice 
  • Sessions are recorded and available to go deeper.  
  • Energetic and personal support throughout the whole course to help you in your evolution. 
  •  A container to share, ask, and grow individually and collectively. 
  • Energetic container to expand and actualize the results.