This course leads you to the Inner Mastery.  Connecting with your full potential, expanding your consciousness to multidimensional states, aligning with your life purpose, receiving inner guidance from higher dimensions, entering to a deep state of neutrality without being affected by outer chaos and having the ability to positively affect the collective field. Returning back to the Divine Presence, your Divine Self.


The soul has the memory of its origin from the Divine and its mission is to come back in sacred Union with the Divine to complete itself again and finally free itself from the limitations coming from the experience of duality.

This union with the Divine Presence is your origin, your destiny, it is your path and your highest reward. This union brings you wholeness and the understanding of everything experienced through wisdom.

Ascending requires the inner mastery of seeing beyond the veil of physical reality, opening your perception beyond the 5 senses into a multidimensional understanding of reality, your understanding of life drastically changes.

As you expand to higher levels of initiation, you  have greater responsibility, your capacity to love unconditionally and deeper compassion expands, you literally affect the collective mind. You surrender to the Divine Will and begin to acquire more spiritual knowledge by understanding more of your inner reality, your true Self.

You experience a leap in consciousness towards a multidimensional state, you have the ability to command energy to manifest matter. You receive tools to move from one plane to another being aware of your creator potential.

You connect with your inner power that gives you the strength and confidence to not depend on others and choose your own destiny. This unshakeable trust expands together with the power of the Divine Will.


Great changes begin to happen in your life when you align to your life mission at a higher level expanding your connection with the Inner Divinity, the  “I AM Presence”. You gain wisdom and expand your channel to directly receive messages from higher levels of consciousness. .

Your light body expands. You experience wholeness , you no longer need to seek external validation. There’s a big desire to contribute to others to improve their lives with your gifts from a state of high competence. You have an impulse and desire to create a better world and to  live in it.  You sense that you have an important role to play and you have an inner desire to fulfill your destiny.

You intuitively know that you have great potential within, You will finally be able to accept your full potential united with your Divinity with love and humility, accepting all parts of yourself without hiding, and at the same time being able to see the Divinity in everything and everyone  else.

You live from a state of neutrality, no longer the external chaos affects you emotionally or energetically. You raise your vibration, you expand your body of light creating a magnetic field capable of transforming the energies that surround you with your Presence.


The more your DNA is activated, the more your vibration increases, you have the ability to access more dimensions of consciousness. With your DNA activated, you begin to expand your  sensory perceptions. You access abilities that allow you to experience life from a broader spectrum beyond your physical senses by accessing the  quantum reality.

You transcend linear time and linear space that keep you bound to limited states where you think, take action and evolve in a linear way. You shift evolution from linear to exponential expansion. 


You live from a state of equanimity, you no longer live in fear, emotions do not control you, your mind is calm, you are present in the now that is the only reality that exists, and you are aware of your potential and your power. You no longer get drained by external chaos

You have the ability to order energy, as you increase in levels of consciousness, your potential grows exponentially and the results are faster, more effective in less time.

You realize that linear reality is an illusion, you have the ability to live in multidimensional states outside of time and space. You can move to different dimensions at will, accessing quantum tools that transcend limitation, accessing the Infinite Source of energy, working with the quantum field of infinite possibilities.


You open yourself to the comprehension of the Great Truths of the Universe to express Love, Wisdom and Divine Power in sacred union with Source, being in a state of wholeness experiencing  joy.

The Divinity is within you, in each one of your cells,  and in union with the Divinity you have the power to manifest at will. You live connected to your inner power with wisdom, love, responsibility and in connection with the Divine Will. Your confidence and authority increase. Your happiness and joy expands.

You expand your extrasensory abilities, accepting your gifts and opening yourself to new ones. You reclaim gifts that you had already developed in other lifetimes to use them to their full potential.

Your energy and vibration has risen to the point that you can change the vibration of the people around you. Just talking to you, people feel better.

From  all  infinite potentials available, you align with your highest reality.

You transcend  your linear limitations, you begin to operate from a higher consciousness that allows you to drastically reduce the time in which you achieve things, to end this feeling that you don’t have time, which generates stress.

You become your own authority and stop depending on others, you start operating from a state of peer to peer, from Divinity to Divinity. You discover the potential in each being despite its appearance.

You become a beacon of light for other people, by raising your vibration, you are able to change the energy of where you are with just your Presence. The highest energy always transcends the densest energy.

By raising your consciousness you become a magnetic being, you attract people to you. Your ability to order energy increases exponentially, your therapies are more efficient, you get more results in less time.


  • You have already worked with your emotions, with your thought process and limited mind and you want to access a higher level of consciousness, beyond the linear mind. You don’t want to keep resisting.
  • You have been purifying your body, so that it can hold high levels of energy. You understand that your body sustains your vital force, your energy, it is the container of your Essence and you take care of it and respect it.
  • You have done inner excavation to transcend traumas and conditionings. 
  • You have already experienced the results of internal work and want to reach self-realization.
  • You have taken responsibility for your life, your decisions, your actions, your consequences. You understand that the energy you hold creates the reality you have and you want to consciously change your reality.
  • It has become your priority to do an ascension journey. You are ready to let go of what you still hold back  but you need tools to go deep into your subconscious, release the conditioning factors that are controlling your life.
  • Your soul is asking to go deeper, you want to access higher states of consciousness, you want to expand. You want to connect with your highest potential.
  • You want to expand your gifts and develop your extrasensory abilities.
  • You know you have a mission to accomplish, you want to align yourself with it. You know that the sooner you evolve, the sooner you can fulfill your destiny.
  • You know that the more you shine, the more you help others.
  • You want to do this process with less time, speed up the change, expand your results.
  • You want to be able to transform dense states of energy into high frequency light.
  • You want to start transitioning into the divine human. You want to start activating your DNA of light, which opens you to different dimensions.
  • You want to learn to use multidimensional tools, access an expanded state of consciousness that allows you to have a greater vision of everything in order to resolve situations from a more expanded perspective.
  • You want to have the ability to command energy and light with your consciousness.



“I decided to enroll in this program exclusively for the sensations, despite my economic situation. I could say that I jumped into the pool with only an inch of water and now it seems to me that I can swim. I had no job and few financial resources. I didn't even dare to verbalize it for fear of the comments I might receive and because above all they wouldn’t understand it. I have lived moments at the edge mixed with an unknown confidence towards life and at the same time I have cried of uncertainty and gratitude as well. A curious blend that has taught me to be more aware and present every day. To feel and live every daily experience with sublime bliss. I feel so much love and people approach me in a new way. Many times I smile and tears fall from feeling gratitude. Life has given me a new job, as it was guided by vibrations due to my innate abilities that were difficult to find. A new volunteer project has come into place because they see me as a good communicator. I am certainly still surprised and sometimes wonder what it is that they see that I still do not see clearly. And, despite all the fears that I have in these new challenges, I continue to trust and are grateful. As I continue to marvel at how my sensitivity has expanded, I can notice energy in formats and vibrations and frequencies that I was unaware of. All senses have been expanded. I can notice the most subtle, ethereal and sublime. I feel life and I am grateful every day. There is something different that holds me and teaches me at every moment to keep trusting.”
“It has been a reunion with myself, since a long time ago I stopped connecting with everything inherent in me. Now I realize that I had given up the power within me. I have realized that this armor that I have is covered with indifference. The course has helped me to be grateful for the good things in my life, to see that there are beautiful things that await me and that I was not able to see them. I am opening myself to love that I was not used to receiving. You as a therapist, facilitator, create an empathy that supports and I really appreciate your words always so precise that they reach where they need to go. Thank you."
“After my spiritual awakening, I started endless courses that covered a momentary desire, but I did not feel that they produced a significant change in me. I felt that my soul was asking me for a higher level and I didn't know what it was until I was guided to Sophia when she told me about the Ascension course. It has been more than 10 months of deep transformation that, consequently, has taken my life to a 180º shift, aligning me with my deepest truth of who I am. So, if you find yourself like me a few months ago, feeling that your soul is asking you for more, this inner mastery is all you need if you really want to make a quantum leap in your life because by working on an energetic level, you accelerate a process of years instantly. Without a doubt, the best investment of my life, not only for what it has given to me, but for giving me the internal power, from now on, to be able to be the only guide in my life.”