Coach, Holistic Facilitator,  Quantum Healer, Cosmic Channel, Sacred Architect , Carrier of the Kryst Code


Founder of I AM PRESENCE Center

My purpose is to help you to reconnect your Soul to your True Essence which is your Divine Self by working in a holistic way in all levels of the self, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and in the energetic planes through time and space to allow you to accelerate your transition from suffering to experience deep love, so you can access your own wisdom and find peace and balance. 

Through my previous experiences from pain and suffering to love and joy, from lack and scarcity to abundance I have the physical tools, energetic tools and experience to help you to experience Wholeness, Bliss, and Love. To find the power within to change your reality. 

As a Cosmic channel, I transmit high frequencies and codes from the Higher realms to  support you to complete all the different levels and layers of density stored in your Akashic Records and bioenergetic field from all the different ages and lifetimes. I also activate the dormant DNA to ignite the remembrance of your Divine Self, where your  highest gifts and your wisdom resides waiting to be unlocked.

I’ve been long trained and prepared most of my entire life for this incredible transition in which humanity is shifting into a new blueprint and restoring back its original design as Divine Human beings to anchor the Golden Age. By going previously  through the different initiations I have the energetic keys and tools to help you to achieve faster and greater results to create a quantum leap in consciousness. 

I’ve been trained from many different traditions from shamanic experiences, yoga teachings, cosmic initiations, ancient science to propel people into accelerated states of transformation, and spiritual growth.