Sophia Kryst

Founder of I AM PRESENCE Center

I am here to help you to access to your highest potential and  to align to your highest destiny through:

  •  Divine Love  The cohesive energy that sustains the whole universe. 
  • Divine Will It gives you access to an Infinite Power to create the highest expression of your reality
  • Divine Wisdom. When you understand and master the lessons that lies within each challenge you went through, you embody the wisdom.

I help you in your journey to become one with Source, so you can align to your highest destiny and you can become a conscious creator of your reality connecting with the infinite flow of  abundance .

I am here to support you in your journey to your self mastery to remember who you really are, to remember your highest potential, what’s your mission, and to give you tools to fully unite to the  Divine Self where you have access to the unlimited stream of abundance  from Source  to align to your Divine purpose.

My mission is to help to create communities based on the principles of cooperation, co-creation, respect, love, joy, happiness, and from a place of Divine to Divine. Each  member is unique and special with so much to offer.

Communities that thrive stimulating growth and abundance for all members.


In this guided meditation and transmission you’ll be receiving a deep clearing of the lower vibrations  and an upgrade of your frequency.You’ll be able to connect to your highest version and get clarity of your next steps in your evolution.


Access higher dimensions of consciousness shifting timelines from  duality to the Golden Age of peace, love, abundance and bliss.

Unlock new strands of your DNA to activate your Divine Human design locked in your spiritual DNA.

Clear, release and transcend all karma  mastering your emotions and your mind moving  to your heart vibrating in unconditional love. The heart is the portal to other dimensions of consciousness.

Expand your consciousness to multidimensional states, raise your vibration, ascend to the level of Self Mastery and become one  with Source


Release resistance and start flowing with life, stop wasting huge amounts of energy worrying and trying to control life.

Follow your inner guidance coming from the heart in connection with your Higher Self.

Increase confidence and self-esteem, accept all parts of you unconditionally.

Stop looking for other people’s approval, change the dynamics with friends, family and loved ones by becoming your own authority , previous emptiness is filled with your own Presence or Divinity.

A deep healing of family lineages is carried out from our parents and ancestors and all unresolved aspects whether in your DNA, beliefs, habits that created repetitive patterns to solve and release it.

You feel more confident, flexible, happier, and you let go of  expectations. You start to  release old resentments or issues that kept you trapped in the past and relationships with others improve substantially.

You start to communicate from your heart and from love, breaking down old blocks that prevented you from feeling love, emotions are balanced, communication improves from a space of calm and acceptance.

There’s a balance between masculine and feminine energies that have been out of balance for so long, accepting each unique role with respect, love and support. Preparing  yourself for the Sacred Union between Divine masculine and Divine Feminine.

Happiness, joy and bliss start to emerge naturally as you evolve and integrate more and more the cosmic frequencies of love. You start to emanate love with all that you do, in harmony , and from that space of love you are able to attract synchronicities in your life effortlessly.


This transformation allows you to make a quantum leap to ascend to your Divine Self in an accelerated way on the path of Self Mastery.

When you go to the core of all wounds and disharmony, you’re able to find the primordial light that you are made of that comes from the Sacred Union with the Source and from that state of unity, you are able to release the cycles of incarnation that keep you attached to the wheel of karma.

From that state of Self realization you are fused with your highest potential experiencing a deep sense of fulfillment, bliss and completion. This means you have transcended all duality that kept you attached to fear, control, limitation or suffering from all experiences you went through whether in this lifetime, all lifetimes and all planes of existence.

Transcend the linear timeline to live from a multidimensional state, in which you can move from one plane or dimension to another at will because you are one with your Divinity and its capacity to manifest consciously at will.

Live connected to your inner power with wisdom, love, and self empowerment and in full connection to the Divine Will and when you surrender to the Divine Will, you become a channel of the Divine when all blessings come through you to others, life holds your back and abundance is experienced effortlessly.

You know you have an important role to play in this new golden age era to create a world where to live in harmony, love, peace and new ways of co-creation, expansion. Now it’s the time to jump into the next step in your evolution in consciousness and to live life from the highest expression possible. You will be able to be at service to others from a state of adeptness.


Free yourself from stress, increase confidence, feel supported, find clarity, let go of emotions that control your life, change limiting belief systems, expand inner peace, creativity, happiness.

Experience states of  harmony more permanently. 

Let go of  control, transcend fears or resistances that keep you from moving forward and prevent you from new opportunities in your life.

Free up emotions, blocks and traumas that keep you stuck in the same repetitive patterns and you are ready to release.

Receive the frequencies of Divine Love,  to feel more confident, improve self esteem, and follow your inner authority. Connect and amplify your inner potential . Let go of the false appearances of not being worthy, feeling a fraud, giving your power away, shame or guilt.

Unlock and open your heart to be able to receive in a wider way.

Liberate from past traumas of not being loved by partners or family members.

Feel more passionate, follow your inner guidance and start experiencing joy in your daily life.  

Find inner balance to be able to live from a space of equanimity that makes you a magnet for all synchronicities to come to you effortlessly

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