FREE Global equinox meditation and transmission

FREE Global equinox meditation and transmission

FREE Global equinox meditation and transmission 940 788 I AM PRESENCE Center

We have been in the spiritual path of  service for a while as healers, channels, leaders, co-creators, and more.

We’ve been called to gather together as one cohesive group of unified field to co-create together to bring in massive cosmic energies and frequencies from the Golden Age in these historic times to transition humanity to the new timelines realities of the New Earth.

The power as a group is bigger than the parts, and when we gather together opening portals to bring in cosmic frequencies and energies from the future that were not accessible thus far, amazing results are created for the benefit of humanity and mother Earth.

Access to  this powerful Equinox co-creation transmission  held on September 22nd.  for FREE

We opened a powerful portal that brought  in the cosmic energies that have not been accessible previously on the Earth.  We help you to integrate/anchor these frequencies in your body and consciousness so you can experience deeper states of harmony, centeredness, peace, and balance as we go through this transition. So you are able to stay centered in the eye of the storm in the external chaos.

This portal was created for this particularly powerful time on the Earth with the alignment of the sun and planetary bodies during this Equinox to support and expand you even more as you go through the last part of 2021.

One of our missions is to bring in and anchor the high frequencies of the Divine Feminine of Cosmic, Divine Love, Joy, Grace, Bliss, and more divine frequencies that were not yet available during the times when humanity descended their frequency in a more dense vibration. The times are changing and so are the possibilities!

These frequencies of the equinox portal are here to assist you in the restoration of the inner aspect of the divine feminine and create a balance with the inner aspect of the divine masculine so you are able to access higher states of consciousness, to reunify the polarities within and to create from this sacred union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within which is essential for your own ascension.

These are some of the benefits that you can experience from being part of this transmission: 

  • Experience a balancing of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within so you can awaken your own unique frequencies of Divine Love, which creates better alignment in your life.
  • Create greater balance and alignment within your energy system
  • Activating DNA codes to support your soul’s expansion
  • Unification of your own Divine Feminine and Masculine energies providing balance and stability within your unique expression

If you want to have access to the transmission and meditation, subscribe to the special list for this and the future event we will be hosting.