You are  stressed out or  triggered emotionally, there’s a sensation you don’t have control in certain areas of your life, and a tendency to be attached to what other people think about you or they say about you, you need to fit in your environment and looking for other people’s approval , and maybe you feel stuck and you can’t move on. There’s a huge amount of energy that is been waisted and you feel tired of that feeling. 

Your soul is seeking meaning in what you do, they way live, and you question yourself  who you are, and why did you came here. There’s a need for authenticity,  the way you are living no longer fills you, and there’s a need to find a greater purpose  in your life.


You want more clarity about what you want, know who you really are, and  to find this  deep desired inner peace in a consistent way.

You want more confidence to overcome  the fear to the unknown  to be able to make a leap to a higher destiny,  removing yourself from doubts.  To fully accept who you are and show up  with confidence regardless of what others think, to have inner strength being able to make your own decisions  and accept the responsibility of the consequences with authority to then respect yourself and get the same respect from others and credibility.

You want to improve your economic situation, to be more abundant, open yourself to new opportunities and a greater influx of money.

You want to grow to higher levels of spirituality, accelerate your transformation, accelerate results exponentially.


You have the power to transform everything that is not in harmony in your life, but you need to know how to do it. 

Create a solid base for a sustained growth that allows you to expand your consciousness to higher awareness. 

Understand how your attitude creates what you don’t desire while working with the unconscious mind that holds the beliefs, limitations, traumas that condition your life. 

Avoid to create more non desired experiences. 



Find Clarity of what you want and  confidence to start walking towards a new direction that fulfills you, that gives meaning to your life with joy and passion. 

You find your inner power,  for your own life,  your destiny with a deep sense of liberation and feeling that everything begins to flow naturally. Increase confidence, self-esteem, learn to value and respect yourself, and follow your own destiny with  confidence.

Discover your potential  and transform all that has been blocked in your life.  Build inner authority,  and  balance emotions and find more inner peace and harmony.

Reconnect with your passion, what inspires you and stop living  in  monotony. Become your highest version. 

Create a  successful mindset, to have resources, to find opportunities. Open yourself to a much greater understanding of reality, free yourself from limiting beliefs. Create a mindset that propels you into a spiral of positive energy.Overcome resistance,  adversity, discomfort that you are avoiding at all cost but they keep showing up  in your life waiting to be overcome. Release negative thoughts that block you.

Improve your relationships, increase your abundance, respect your body as it deserves, understand the consequences the way you think, how you act so that your health improves substantially.

Increase your financial flow,  find new opportunities to expand even more. Trust yourself,  your abilities, and your value.



    • Teachings to open your awareness to a more expanded reality.
    •  Guided meditations to help you  to enter into deep states of peace, serenity and emotional balance.
    • Home practices to  help you to transform your life consistently, integrating all that you learn. 
    • Energetic container to support you constantly throughout the entire course by receiving energy  transmissions to help you  to achieve the best results.
    • Support during the training to overcome doubt and confusion.
    • Energy transmissions to unlock what is holding you back, remove limiting beliefs, unconscious programming and  thought patterns that conditions your reality and prevent you from living your full potential. These transmissions are multidimensional, each time you receive them, you will access deeper levels to release layers and layers of conditioning, trauma, limitations and distortions.
    • Each time you will have a deeper understanding of the wisdom shared and you will enter  into higher levels of consciousness. You will understand  the deeper meaning that lies within each multidimensional content, you will integrate the wisdom through your cells,  activating DNA and encoding new levels of  awareness. 
    • All the content recorded  available to dive deeper, allowing  you to integrate knowledge, 
    • Create a firm foundation to expanding into higher levels  awareness, and spiritual expansion.
    • Extra boost of energy support with an energy vortex anchored on astrological dates that will allow you to accelerate your  transformation.


“I encourage you to start this path of inner discovery, which, like me, will open the doors to transformation as soon as you start. Since he made the brave decision to embark on this path, evolution and transformation are present inside me (mind, emotions and feelings) and outside (life). It is a brave decision, since a lot of sincerity with oneself (responsibility) is necessary, to break schemes that kept you in a false well-being and a firm commitment to everything that Sophia teaches and the tools that she gives you. The mind is persistent, but we are more so. I have opened and am knowing and understanding an awareness of who I am, what is in me and how this affects what I receive from life. From the first day, a change began within me that had a direct and almost instantaneous impact on what life gives me, such as receiving a new professional opportunity better than I had ever had before. By working on the relationship I have with myself, it has changed the relationship I have with others, contributing day by day with greater love, compassion, connection, calm. I still have a long way to go, and I want to continue learning and working since I have seen firsthand how it is true that everything changes when you make the brave decision to start. I want to thank Sophia for showing me this way and accompanying me.”
"I had been browsing the world of therapies for years, but none of them gave me what I was looking for; they were pieces that relieved me momentarily but the problems came out again, strengthening my feeling of negativity. And this, along with my problems of lack that dragged me in a negative spiral that pushed me further and further down. The first time I got in touch with Sophia and after talking with her I already felt lighter and more optimistic. That same week I began the journey through the program "Discover your inner light " The course is an inner journey that moves you, makes you look for yourself, helps you understand why you are at this point and how to change it. The moment you take responsibility for your life and leave behind the patterns, beliefs, fears, guilt and resentments that limit you, you begin to grow and your whole environment changes. From the first week you start to notice changes in your life. Thanks to letting go of grudges, many parts of my life have returned to peace. I have learned to be grateful for everything I have and what happens to me. And the love for everything grows day by day, including my self-esteem. A thousand thanks Sophia."
“I took the course because I realized that I was 49 years old and I didn't know who I was, I didn't know myself, I wanted to know my essence. Now I know who I am, I know that happiness is not outside but inside, that everything begins with loving and valuing you, so that later I can love and value you. I have also learned that the only person in charge of my life is me and that if there is something I don't like, then it is as simple as changing it. That having good vital energy is essential, and that this is achieved by eating healthy, playing sports and meditating. That meditation takes you to the present, the past is no more, the future no longer exists, the more you are in the present, the more you intuit and know your essence, and that knowing or intuiting your essence is the beginning of everything, it leads you to peace, gratitude, love and joy. That having discovered all this has made me a full, conscious person, a person who wants to give and contribute everything I can in this wonderful world. I also want and need to learn much more, because I know that this is all just the beginning.”
“It has been a reunion with myself, since a long time ago I stopped connecting with everything inherent in me. Now I realize that I had given up the power within me. I have realized that this armor that I have the costume of independence. The course has helped me to be grateful for the good things in my life, to see that there are beautiful things that await me and that I was not able to see them. I am opening myself to love that I was not used to receiving. You as a therapist, facilitator, create an empathy that accompanies and is also appreciated for your words, always so precise that they reach where they should go. Thanks."


  •  5 month training with 4 sessions per month.
  • Includes a total of 20 live sessions 
  • Sessions are recorded and you have them available for further exploration and understanding. 
  • You receive personal and energetic support throughout the course to help you in your evolution.
  • Each session includes :
      • Coaching
      • Wisdom transmission.
      • Energy transmissions  to  harmonize blockages and conditioning system, to raise your frequency. 
  • A space  to ask questions , to work individually and collectively.
  • As a group, you learn from your own experience and from others. Transformation is enhanced with the collective. 
  • It requires daily  practices and excavation to speed up and integrate results. Your life is starting to change drastically, the way you deal with situations, how problems are solved, unlocking what has been stagnant for a long time.